The subjects offered in Year 12 are listed below.
If you want some assistance then the SACE Board has a guide for students preparing for Stage 2.

When looking at Stage 2 subjects please be mindful of the following details:
  • Assumed Knowledge
  • Prerequisites
  • The Tertiary Admissions Subject (TAS)
  • Precluded combinations for SACE
  • Precluded combinations for ATAR

Assumed Knowledge

Assumed knowledge subjects are those that universities suggest would be helpful for students to have studied at SACE Stage 2 (or equivalent). Students are not required to have studied these subjects to be selected into the program but will be assumed that they have knowledge of the subject, which might help their understanding in that particular program.


Prerequisites are subjects that students must study and pass at Stage 2 to be accepted into certain programs. For example, if a student is interested in studying an Engineering program at the University of South Australia, they must study and pass Mathematics Studies at Stage 2.

Tertiary Admissions Subject (TAS)

A Tertiary Admissions Subject (TAS) is a SACE Stage 2 subject which has been approved by the universities and TAFE SA as providing appropriate preparation for tertiary studies. Students are required to study a minimum number of credits of TAS to be eligible to receive an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or TAFE SA Selection Score.

While most subjects in the SACE are recognised as TAS, there are some that are not recognised by the universities for the purposes of calculating a student's ATAR. Non-TAS subjects include:
  • Community Studies
  • Modified Subjects
  • Research Project A
  • local programs

Precluded combinations for SACE

Two subjects are a precluded combination for SACE completion if they are defined by the SACE Board as having significant overlap in terms of content. They cannot both count towards SACE completion.

Subjects that are precluded from each other for SACE completion can be found at Stage 2 Subject Preclusions.

Precluded combinations for ATAR

Two subjects are a precluded combination if they are defined by the universities and TAFE SA as having significant overlap in content. They cannot both count towards the ATAR or TAFE SA Selection Score.

Counting restrictions for ATAR
Counting restrictions are used where it is considered desirable to limit the number of credits that can count towards a university aggregate and the ATAR in a certain subject area. This is to ensure students study a broad range of subjects. For example, a subject area might have eight 10 credit subjects available but the universities might set a counting restriction of 40 credits, which means only four can ever count towards the ATAR.

Precluded combinations and counting restrictions are listed each year in the SATAC tertiary entrance booklet.