Subject Code: 1BGYA
Length of course: Semester
Credit points: 10 points

Recommended Background: Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Science.

Course Outline:
Science inquiry skills and science as a human endeavour are integral to student learning in this subject and are interwoven through the study of scientific understanding, which is organised into four topics. Through the study of these topics, students extend their understanding of the nature of living things, as well as the interactions of living things with members of the same species, members of other species, and the environment.

Topics Covered:
Students will cover the following topics:
  • Cells and Microorganisms: In this topic, students examine the development of the cell theory, the exchange of materials, and processes required for cell survival. Energy is transformed and transferred in the biochemical processes of photosynthesis and respiration. Students will also investigate the conditions necessary for the growth and survival of microorganisms, the uses of microorganisms, and their role in decomposition and food spoilage.
  • Infectious Disease ; Students examine the various agents that can cause infectious diseases, including viral, bacterial, and other parasitic pathogens and examine the structure and function of the main components of the immune system. Students study how biotechnology has contributed to not only the understanding of the human immune system but also the development of vaccinations and other medications and look at the impact that infectious diseases have on populations across the global community, including factors that affect spread, control, and treatment of infectious disease

  • Skills and Application tasks 60%
  • Investigation Folio 40%

Additional Costs: