Length of course: Semester
Credit points and TAS Status: 20 points in total (10 credits each for Stage 1 Biology and Stage 1 Chemistry)

Recommended Background: Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Science Other

This course would be suitable for students who have a keen interest in Science, but would like to do an integrated approach to learning Chemistry and Biology. The course will prepare students with the background knowledge required for Stage 2 Biology while those interested in taking Stage 2 Chemistry would need to undertake an additional semester of Stage 1 Chemistry in Semester 2. This course has been designed to enable students to get 10 credits for Biology and 10 credits for Chemistry with a separate Learning and Assessment plan submitted for each subject. Students selecting this subject will be required to attend an additional lesson a week to ensure they can complete the extra assessment tasks required.

Course outline:
Science inquiry skills and science as a human endeavour are integral to students’ learning in this subject and are interwoven through their study of science understanding, which is organised into 5 topics. Through the study of these topics, students extend their understanding of biological and chemical concepts. These include the nature of living things, as well as the interactions of those living things with members of the same species, members of other species, and the environment, and principles of chemistry that include atomic structure, bonding, polarity, solubility and energy.

Topics Included:
The integrated course will include the following topics from the Stage 1 Chemistry and Biology subject outlines:
Stage 1 Chemistry
  • Topic 1: Materials and their Atoms
  • Topic 2: Combinations of Atoms
  • Topic 3: Molecules

Stage 1 Biology
  • Topic 1: Cells and Microorganisms
  • Topic 4: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

These will be used for Assessment & Reporting and Learning & Assessment Plans for students and parents

A separate Learning and Assessment Plan will be submitted for each subject (Biology and Chemistry). Both will be assessed as follows:
  • Skills and Application tasks 60%
  • Investigation Folio 40%

Students provide evidence of their learning through eight assessments (4 for each subject) of which
  • at least two are practical investigations
  • at least two are science as a human endeavour investigations
  • at least two are skills and applications tasks.

Additional Costs: