Marryatville High School’s Special Interest Tennis Program was established in 1995 to enable students who are training for tennis at a high level to be able to combine their school studies and tennis coaching with minimal disruption to their school work.

The tennis program offers a broad academic education, specialist tennis coaching during school hours, acquisition of theory knowledge related to tennis and the opportunity to represent Marryatville High School at school, state and national levels.

The Special Interest Tennis Program has the following compulsory elements:
  • specialist coaching squads.
  • coaching from accredited coaches during school time.
  • theoretical knowledge in areas such as anatomy and physiology, fitness, diet and nutrition, relationships, sports injuries, drugs in sport and psychology of winning.
  • participation in tennis teams involved in the Saturday morning school competition, SSSSA team and individual tournaments and at a national level in the School Sport Australia Tennis Teams Challenge from Years 8 - 12.

Program Entry Criteria

Applicationsfor entry to the Special Interest Tennis program are made directly to the school and applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • boys - Australian ranking of less than 2000.
  • girls - Australian ranking of less than 1000.
  • be committed to representing the school in tennis teams and competitions (Years 8 - 12).

Benefits to Students

Marryatville High School has an enviable tradition of excellence and achievement in all endeavours and there is a strong sense of community support for this ethos in the school.

In particular, the tennis program gives students the:
  • opportunity to study and specialise in tennis with students of similar interests and abilities.
  • support for academic studies.
  • coaching at school to minimise disruption to schooling.
  • cooperation between the school and Tennis SA to maximise student opportunities.
  • opportunities to develop skills.
  • access to tournaments and competition play at local, state and national levels.
  • opportunity to take a tennis pathway through scholarships at USA colleges.
  • development of individual coaching skills.


Marryatville High School has four hard courts and two synthetic courts. To complement their school tennis coaching, international students are able to avail themselves of coaching packages at the Next Generation Tennis Complex whose facilities include hard, synthetic and grass tennis courts, a swimming pool, gymnasium and squash courts.

Achievements (1996-2013)

The school's Drive Tennis teams have been premiers in Division 1 for twelve years, and runners up on five other occasions.

At the State Knockout Championships:
  • Open Boys - state winners 16 years
  • Open Girls - state winners 16 years
  • Junior Boys - state winners 10 years
  • Junior Girls - state winners 12 years

At the National Schools Teams Challenge:
  • Boys - national winners 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2006 and National runners up 2013.
  • Girls - national winners 1998, 2004 and National runners up 2002, 2005

At the International School sports Tennis Event – 2013 Boys (9th).

From a parent of a Year 8 tennis student:

“Students have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge among other like-minded students of similar abilities”.

“Theory work is invaluable, providing a well-rounded program”.

From a Year 9 tennis student:

“This school was recommended to me by a number of coaches and I think that being able to do tennis as a subject is both a rare and valuable experience”.