Sources of information for career choices

This Guide is only a part of the process for selecting a course of study. Individual students and their parents or caregivers need to research information regarding career choices. The following sources of information may be useful:

Information regarding 2016 University Entrance

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The following web sites may be useful:

Information for international students is available at each university site and TAFE SA site, or from the International or Career and Transition Coordinators.

It is important to consider subject selections as part of a pathway that extends from Year 11 into Year 12 and beyond. It is essential to consider where this pathway leads.

Direct Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Entrance Requirements

TAFE courses have Minimum Entry Requirements (MER) that students must meet. The MER will vary depending on the type and level of TAFE course. Some courses have completion of Stage 1 only as a minimum requirement. For most it is completion of the SACE that is required and a TAFE selection score is calculated based on the student’s best three Stage 2 subjects.

It is also possible to progress from studying certificate courses at TAFE into studying diploma and degree courses at university

Details of entry requirements can be obtained from the Tertiary Entrance Booklets that all Year 10 and Year 11 students will have access to from SATAC (South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre) Booklets or their website However, all students are encouraged to check this information with the institution concerned, or through the School Counsellors or Year Level Coordinators. Interstate information should be obtained directly from the institution.

Direct University Entrance Requirements

Students studying for the SACE and applying for entry into university must:
  • complete the SACE
  • complete at least 90 credits at Stage 2, including 60 credits of Stage 2 approved university entry subjects
  • complete prerequisite requirements for some university courses
  • obtain an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)

The UNIVERSITY aggregate will be calculated based on their results in three full-year Stage 2 approved university entry subjects (TAS) plus
30 credits (flexible option).

Flexible options

Your score for the flexible option is the best 30 credits of scaled scores or scaled score equivalents from:
the scaled score of a 20 credit TAS;
half the scaled score of one or more 20 credit TAS;
the scaled score of one or more 10 credit TAS;
scaled score equivalents for Recognised Studies to the value of 10 or the maximum of 20 credits.

NB: The SACE Board of South Australia recognises a range of non-SACE learning that can count towards the SACE. The Universities and TAFE SA may also agree to these studies contributing to the calculation of the ATAR and the TAFE SA Selection Score. Please visit the SATAC website at for more details.